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Clefspeare13 2 Posted Jan 09 - The FCM 50t does. The HitlerPanther should too.


SchnitzelWagon 3 Posted Jan 09 - Edited by SchnitzelWagon, Jan 09 - This is a pretty widely held opinion at this point, but I doubt it'll actually get preferential MM. The fact that WG was willing to drop the price AND offer refunds as opposed to simply buffing it should be an indication of that. If they gave it preferential MM, then what, they'd raise the price back to the original one? Honestly I think WG pretty much bungled the release of this thing. When comparing tanks for premium matchmaking, you have to compare with tier 8 medium tanks as a whole, not just individual tanks.

Unfortunately, ALL tier 8 tanks struggle mightily when compared to their heavy counterparts.

World of Tanks -- Matchmaking Gone Wrong...

Based on its peers, I don't think the Panther 8. TwixOps 6 Posted Jan 09 - It is a better Panther 2. TwixOps 7 Posted Jan 09 - DraconX3 8 Posted Jan 09 - Yet another topic type that will produce infinite posts in the forums Panther 8,8 does not need preferential matchmaking. Immortan 12 Posted Jan 09 - As stated by plenty of you it may be a better Panther II.

But The reason I feel it should have premium matchmaking, is because it is a Premium tank. It should have a little more going for it other than.

Does the Panther 88 have premium matchmaking? : WorldofTanksConsole

SchnitzelWagon 14 Posted Jan 09 - I like the tank but will not purchase unless it has preferred matchmaking. WulfeHound 16 Posted Apr 10 - Way to necro a thread that's been dead for over a year.

Lonesurvivalist 17 Posted Jan 31 - I watched the WOT video and it looked like it could fly and drop nukes. It definitely should get either preferential MM or dropped a tier. Sign In Email address: Echo Jan 18 I just found it VERY difficult to do consistently well in.

ТТХ Panther 8.8

I either had awful games in which I did next to no damage, or had awesome games in which I do 3, damage and still lose. And the credit-making ability, in my experience, is bad. Even without firing premium rounds. So yeah after 65 games I sold it. It was a weird one for me. Performed well in the tank, but I just never was really able to like it fully. It's a very situational tank basically destined for second and third-line support and even then the gun failed me. The map rotation never helped either. JTank97, on 05 April - Submit a support ticket and get it back.

It might not be the best tank, but I love having a horde to chose from when I get bored of any given tank. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Does the Panther 88 have preferential MM?

Started by JTank97 , Mar 18 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. JTank97 1 Posted 18 March - I ask because I noticed that it says it doesn't enjoy premium MM on the PC anymore; was checking it out.

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Is it any good? Has it been buffed recently? Rarefication 2 Posted 18 March - Snorelacks 3 Posted 18 March - JTank97 4 Posted 18 March - Snorelacks 5 Posted 18 March - What have been your experiences with it? ThunderChickenX 6 Posted 18 March - Joco 7 Posted 18 March - The Panther 88 can be considered a lighter brother of the Panther II , carrying shorter gun, but also less weight. In a hull-down position, the Schmalturm turret presents a small and difficult target at long ranges, which can greatly enhance survivability.

Due to its similarities to the Panther II , it can use most of the same tactics, although one has to be very mindful of the weaker hull armor and the inferior mobility and adjust accordingly. It is also a huge target, and exposing it should be avoided as much as possible. The side armor is also only 50 mm thick.

It is a small consolation that this can only be overmatched by the relatively rare mm and larger guns, but it is still very dangerous to expose it in combat, considering that the side of the hull contains ammunition racks and fuel tanks. At short ranges, the Panther 88 suffers, as short range combat favors tanks with heavy armor, high damage guns, or both, neither of which the Panther 88 has.

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The relatively flat portions of the turret are also much easier to hit at short ranges, a problem it shares with other high tier German tanks. This is not to say that it cannot be effective at close ranges, for it still has a high rate-of-fire and a large HP pool, but using it effectively at close ranges requires a great deal of skill and management of the HP pool, as the armor is effectively irrelevant. It is not recommended that inexperienced players purchase the Panther 88, as it requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience with the game to use effectively.