Matchmaking with anomaly 1/2

This time my CSR jumped more than halfway. I am probably looking too much at CSR but I still don't understand what has just determined the significant variation in points awarded. You guys understand this stuff much better than me. To add to that, the way it trades off between going to your MMR and taking into account the win is this: It compares your CSR vs. If you were to lose, though, an shouldn't lose to a so you would lose a significant amount of CSR.


MMR itself takes care of the noise that causes, and the additional noise itself usually feels more intuitive after a match. Hey Menke, awesome job on this update! I like the system as it is now, feels less grindy, and gives me the incentive to wanna get on and improve! I feel like too many players are scared of dropping. You will drop, and have bad games against lower MMR players now and then. Happens to the best! So I have not read this whole thread but this new system sucks. I literally went from high Platinum 6, lost two in a row at the end of my 9 games, completely outmatched in both games, to being high platinum 5.

I have no incentive to play this game if I have decent KDA like general 5 or higher , win more than I lose and then go down in rank. The other night it took me 10 wins in a row to move from Plat 6 to Diamond 1. It makes no sense!!!! Menke, where do I stand MMR wise?

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Thanks in advance Edit: How has my ping been lately? I feel like a few of my games are a bit behind, however little! I have alot of devices shared on this wifi!


After playing last night, the system seems to be working a lot better than the previous update. I expected more volatility given the expanded range, but it seems to be more stable, if anything.

I think weighing wins heavier relative to KPM helps, because we still have a high win percentage with lower KPM due to the way that we play some maps. That said, I searched as a two stack for several games and won most of them while doing very well, and then we jumped in as a four stack and faced much more challenging competition, but we continued to do pretty well in those games.


So it is entirely possible that the anomaly we previously noticed about solo queuing had some effect on what we saw last night. Overall based on what we saw so far, we are all a lot happier with the system. Each of us except the only competent survivor and I'm not referring to myself there killed on our first hook. Because I fed up, getting myself hooked while one of my teammates was downed; and then the other two survivors just hid in the opposite corner of the map together while I was hooked. And while the other survivor was being carried to another hook.

The Non Prime Experience 2

And while she was hooked. The only two survivors to even touch a generator were the two who were hooked first. Look at these ranks: These guys had less than a hundred between them. How was I even matched up with them?


Is it because I'd barely played survivor since rank reset? Like I said, I mostly play killer nowadays. Does that mean that if I do try and play survivor, I'm going to get matched up with complete newbies every single game, 'cause I haven't put in the hours to "rank up" enough?

Last week I had three survivor games in a row where I was the only one to touch a generator. Not just complete one.