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Some even say the whole act of dating and casual sex is prostitution! Well, because booty calls are all about the sex, not about the emotion.


Anyway, back to the topic at hand … Are Booty Calls prostitution or freedom? Essentially, prostitution is engaging in sexual acts for money or in exchange for goods of some sort. The argument some people make is that booty calls are free prostitution … that those engaging in booty call acts are no different than those engaging in solicitation and prostitution. Not sure I agree with that. Some would argue that the whole act of dating is like prostitution.

Date Night Show

For example, a guy wines and dines a woman and at the end of the night she rewards him with some sort of sexual act. Actually, it happens a lot. For him, it was money well spent, for her she was showing her gratitude. Perhaps if you really think about it, you can fit it under the prostitution umbrella … but it would have to be vaguely defined as that, not really the intention. On the other hand, some will say that Booty Calls and all forms of casual sex give people freedom.

Some will even just do it for fun … the opportunity arises and they go for it, like in a one night stand with someone you meet at a bar or party. If they are not leading the other person on and both are able to detach emotionally, then what they are doing is their prerogative, right?

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We are all free to choose our actions? For example, the other person could turn into a clinger, they could get emotionally attached, you could end up with some sort of infection, pregnancy … well you get the idea.

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What do I think? Well, I think that people should be able to freely do whatever they feel is right for them as long as they are not harming others or themselves. We are responsible for our own actions AND we are responsible to always state our intentions and expectations clearly whenever we engage in ANY kind of dating or sexual behavior. Let them know how much you adore the funny quirks that only YOU know about!

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I definitely threw in my share! I had so much fun reflecting on our years together and jotting down the things I loved about him. One night he came home to a trail of rose petals leading to our Master Bathtub where a candlelit bubble bath waited.

You better believe I made it from scratch! Longest five hours of my life. You get my point, right? We had an entire night of Wii games. There are SO many fun Christmas things you can do together! This is where you can also involve the whole family! Now — if you are thinking… TARA!!

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When am I going to find time to scrapbook 25 cards?? Just So Scrappy has super cute digiscrapbooking kits. I would suggest printing these on white cardstock, as they are in color. THEN — instead of putting your cards in an envelope, just flip them over and adhere the numbers on the back. Click HERE for that free printable.

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I then put up the removeable hooks in our entryway, strung the festive ribbon along it, and clothespinned the cards up. I made sure to put it up the last day of November before he got home from work. He was extremely surprised to come home to this and was SO excited when I explained that he would get to read one each morning for the entire month of December!

All of our friends and family LOVED not only the idea behind this but how festive it was and how it completely dressed up our entryway!